Osnabrück Location

Hans-Wunderlich-Straße 3
Phone: +49 541 404 60 – 0
Mail: info@hbbn.de

Hamburg Location

Poßmoorweg 2
Phone: +49 40 44 11 12 – 0
Mail: info@hbbn.de

Management consulting

We advise our clients

in all aspects of corporate strategy and corporate finance.

Our key areas are the partnership-based mentoring of start-ups and growing companies and consulting on the strategic orientation of existing companies with regard to the challenges of global competition. Depending on the situation, we also bring in external experts.


“We are a company with many years of practical experience.”

Areas of our management consulting services

  • Strategic orientation of companies in restructuring phases, taking into account the market, competition, globalization, innovation
  • Support in methodical business plan development and in corporate planning and reorganization
  • Consulting in the areas of accounting (financial accounting, cost accounting, controlling) and organization, especially financial and liquidity planning
  • Preparation of restructuring reports according to IDW S 6

  • Implementation of integrated corporate planning, in particular financial requirements planning and financial management
  • Development of management information systems, in particular cost accounting and controlling and expansion of the existing accounting system
  • Introduction of investment controlling, establishment of a meaningful reporting system

  • Support of clients in raising outside capital, in particular through the development of resilient concepts
  • Optimization of the financing structure
  • Collaboration with credit institutions and private equity firms to find suitable financing sources
  • Development of solutions for changing corporate financing (transparency requirements, Basel, rating)
  • Take-over of interim management mandates during restructuring, reorganization, company succession or change of management
  • Take-over of supervisory board or advisory board mandates

  • Review and assessment of the plausibility of business and financial planning
  • Assessment of reorganization and restructuring concepts
  • Review of insolvency plans
  • Advice and coordination for the acquisition and sale of companies and company divisions and for the outsourcing of divisions

+49 (0)541 404 60 – 0 or +49 (0)40 44 11 12 – 0 Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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