Osnabrück Location

Lengericher Landstr. 34
Phone: +49 541 404 60 – 0
Mail: info@hbbn.de

Hamburg Location

Johnsallee 34
Phone: +49 40 44 11 12 – 0
Mail: info@hbbn.de

Partners / Employees

Our partners

Karl-Heinz Herden Dipl.-Btw. (FH) tax consultant

Asset management companies including real estate funds; doctors, pharmacists and freelancers; criminal tax law

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Ulrich Böttinger Dipl.-Kfm. tax consultant, auditor, specialist adviser for company succession

Succession, acquisitions and sales / restructuring

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Michael Borkel Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

International accounting (IFRS and US-GAAP), financial reporting, consolidated financial statements and auditing

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Detlef Neureiter Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

deceased in 2018

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Thomas Laute Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

Consulting and auditing for automotive companies, consolidated accounting and auditing

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Markus Fischer Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

International accounting, business valuation, business consulting, issuing of certificates according to § 270b InsO

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Thomas Hellwig Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

Consulting for SME; consolidated financial statements and auditing; consulting for start-ups

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Sabrina Müller Bachelor of Arts tax consultant

Support for complex private tax returns, consulting for SME, business consulting

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Estela Beja Dipl.-Kffr. (FH) tax consultant

Email: e.beja@hbbn.de

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Eva Maria Tellmann Dipl.-Kffr. tax consultant

Email: em.tellmann@hbbn.de

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Melanie Feldmann Dipl.-Kffr. tax consultant

Email: m.feldmann@hbbn.de

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Stefanie Kern tax consultant

Email: s.kern@hbbn.de

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Christian Rolf tax consultant

Email: c.rolf@hbbn.de

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Jürgen Schobries Master of Arts Dipl.-Kfm. auditor, tax consultant

Email: j.schobries@hbbn.de

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Frauke Heumos LL.M. taxation attorney

Email: f.heumos@hbbn.de

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Alexander Morich LL.M. taxation attorney, tax consultant

Email: a.morich@hbbn.de

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Nadine Held tax consultant

Email: n.held@hbbn.de

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Matthias Neureiter Bachelor of Laws Tax consultant

E-Mail: m.neureiter@hbbn.de

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Florian Schwab Bachelor of Arts tax consultant

E-Mail: f.schwab@hbbn.de

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Björn Schiballa Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH) tax consultant

Email: b.schiballa@hbbn.de

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